Speaking of which, you might think of his Beat Light with Eastern and Western cultural traits. The Beat Lamp  is inspired by the craftsmanship of Indian street artists and transformed by Western art . This resulted in an exotic lamp. I think you will be attracted to the charming Beat Lamp.

Beat Lamp 

Beat Lamp the design of architectural structures and traditional paraphernalia with Indian local characteristics. The shape of the Beat is very recognizable and full of industrial sense. The best beat lamp can bring you amazing room decoration effect.

Beat Lamp  is handcrafted by skilled artisans using metal materials. In the Beat series, Beat Pendant Lamp and Beat Wall Light are the most popular. Among them, the beat pendulum has 4 kinds of personalized designs to choose from. Next, let's take a look at the charming Beat Light !

Beat pendant Lamp 

Beat Fat pendant Lamp 

Beat pendant Lamp with a chic shape slightly reminiscent of a punk inspired instrument. The textured Beat Fat pendant light is the ideal bedside lamp. When hung in a bedroom with black and white as the main hue, Beat Pendant Lamp Black looks harmonious and progressive.

Beat Pendant Lamp  is suitable for hanging in your study. On the one hand, the Beat pendant lamp has a simple industrial look that can decorate your study perfectly. On the other hand, Beat Lamp provides an even and soft light, which can bring you a comfortable reading experience.

Beat Fat Pendel looks like a teapot with personality. During the day, the chic hanging lamp Beat is an absolute eye-catcher even without light. Such a Beat pendant lamp is ideal for a kitchen or dining area in the modern style.

Beat Wide Pendant Lamp

Beat Wide Pendulum looks like a stylish cap and is very distinctive. Such a chic beat pendant is perfect for a combination suspension. Several lamp hanging over a long table can give your room a unique aesthetic.

The smooth black finish on the outside of the Beat Pendulum contrasts sharply with the bumpy gold finish on the inside. Beat Wide Pendant Black is the best addition above any dining table. When you light the Beat lamp, it emits abundant and warm light, creating a great dining atmosphere for you.

Beat TallPendant lamp

Beat Light Tall Lamp has a flared and fun look. The playful Beat Tall pendant lamp is very suitable as a restaurant lamp. The hanging golden high-end Beat light pendant can add a beautiful decorative effect to your modern restaurant lighting.

Beat Tall pendant light is the first choice for living room lights. You can combine different designs of Beat Pendant Lamp  to better meet your decorative needs to fulfill. At the same time, black hanging paired with dark living room furniture can make your living room look vintage and stunning.

Beat Stout pendant Lamp 

Compared to other Beat pendant lights, the Beat Stout pendant light is rounder. The industrial ceiling light Beat Lamp can be perfectly integrated into different furnishing styles, such as Scandinavian and Nordic. If you're looking to add a stylish, industrial-style pendant light to your home, then the Beat pendant Lamp lightdefinitely the best choice for you. 

Beat Pendant Lamp Combo Typ 1

Beat Lamp Combo Type 1 combines Beat Hanging Light in 3 designs of Fat, Wide and High and brings you a different visual experience. Beat Pendant is suitable for minimalist interiors. For example, you can combine a solid black with monochrome furniture to make the interior lighting more comfortable and beautiful.

Beat Lamp Combo Typ 2

Unlike the Beat Pendant Lamp Type 1, the top bracket of the Beat Pendant Lamp in Combo Type 2 is rectangular. If you want to make your room multi layered, the hanging Beat lamp Combo Type 2 would be the best idea.

Beat wall lamp

The Beat wall light mainly consists of a cone-shaped lampshade and a round base. Beat wall lamp has a very sculptural sense. Such beats are perfect for installation in retro-style rooms. The black Beat Light is paired with luminous black sculptures, which can excellently interpret the beauty of classic and exotic for you.

The adjustable Beat wall light is flexible, allowing you to adjust the light can steer to where you need it at any time. This has attracted many consumers to use it as an ideal bedroom light. At night, the harmonious, glare-free lighting from Beat Lights can ensure a pleasant sleeping atmosphere.

In short, the handcrafted Beat Lamp  interprets the beauty of contemporary art and traditional culture well in a bold form. Therefore, the chic Beat lamp is a lamp that never goes out of style. Whether you use Beat Lamp alone or in combination, you can achieve satisfying lighting effects and impressive and decorative effects.

That's all I shared about the Beat Light. I think you appreciated Beat's charm. And I believe that with so many designs by Beat Lamp  there is always one that suits you!