Paris, as long as it is mentioned, even the air should be romantic, and the inspiration for vertigo nova replica comes from this city. Vertigo nova hanglamp imitates the French lady's long hat blown by the wind, and uses minimalist lines to outline a unique French romance, embellishing the elegant atmosphere that is exclusive to you in the life scene.

Constance Guisset

CONSTANCE GUISSET, born in 1976, is a renowned contemporary designer. She graduated from the ENSCI-Les Ateliers School of Design in 2007, the same year she founded her own studio and quickly gained industry recognition: multiple design awards. The design inspiration of vertigo nova pendant lamp comes from Paris where she has been living and studying, and it is one of her proud works.

Vertigo Nova Hanglamp

Suspension vertigo nova led is thoughtfully designed and available in three different sizes: 110cm, 140cm, 190cm. Vertigo nova pendant light meets your different requirements for space design and realizes different design scenarios in your mind.

vertigo nova hanglamp

Large Vertigo Nova Pendant Lamp

Vertigo nova 190 looks striking with its fantastical geometry outlined by simple lines. When the vertigo nova hängeleuchte is suspended in the air, its unique pattern makes the space seem less oppressive.

vertigo nova pendant lamp

Medium Vertigo Nova Pendant Light

The precisely engineered shape of the vertigo nova pendelleuchte stands up to scrutiny from any angle you look at it. When the invisible wind drifts on the carefully designed vertigo nova 140 artistic line shape, it seems that the romance of Paris is also blown off the lights, scattered in every space you are in.

vertigo nova pendant light

Small Vertigo Nova Hängeleuchte

Vertigo nova suspension hangs over the dining table and is a work of art in itself. When vertigo nova 110 is lit, the light penetrates through the lines, and even the shadow printed on the wall permeates the artistic atmosphere.

vertigo nova hängeleuchte

Vertigo Nova Wall Lamp Replica

Vertigo nova wandlampe has two build modes to choose from. Vertigo nova lampe nachbau wall light can be suspended in the air or supported independently. Vertigo nova gebraucht wall lamps have different shapes to meet your different requirements for life. Its random switching shape adds a fresh feeling to your boring life.

vertigo nova wall lamp replica

Hanging Vertigo Nova Wandlamp

The hanging vertigo nova wall lamp replica follows the classic shape, with its undulating lines surrounding a hand-blown glass sphere, a work of art in itself. Vertigo nova lampe kopie can still be the finishing touch even in the simplest of decorations.

vertigo nova wandlamp

Independently Supported Vertigo Nova Wandleuchte

Different from the hanging design, the independently supported vertigo nova replica wall lamp has both Chinese and Western charms. Vertigo nova wandleuchte independently supported is like an ink umbrella in a rainy lane, or a lotus leaf blooming in summer, allowing you to appreciate the charm of various arts.

vertigo nova nachbau

Vertigo Nova Floor Lamp Replica

Vertigo nova vloerlamp can be freely adjusted in two heights: 165 cm or 200 cm, and the thoughtful design is more suitable for you. Vertigo nova floor lamp replica uses the simplest elements to create different effects, and uses classics to create new trends.

vertigo nova lampe

Small Vertigo Nova Stehleuchte

Petite friture vertigo nova floor lamp 165cm is relatively more everyday and suitable for any scene. Lampadaire vertigo nova combines simple lines with classic colors, bringing minimalism to its fullest.

vertigo nova floor lamp replica

Large Vertigo Nova Stehlampe

Vertigo nova imitation 200cm with exaggerated shape brings a great visual impact, making the space look more atmospheric and high-end. Vertigo nova lampadaire is suitable for the unique and assertive personality of contemporary young people.

vertigo nova stehleuchte

Vertigo Nova Replica Series

Different from the decoration of a single vertigo nova replica, the combination of several vertigo nova light series can bring different visual effects. Luminaire vertigo nova series can be regarded as a whole or as several parts, which can be combined and matched according to your own preferences.

vertigo nova pendelleuchte

Vertigo Nova Lampe Random Combination

Vertigo nova wandlamp can be combined with vertigo nova led pendant light and vertigo nova stehleuchte to form a French romantic set. If you don't know which one to choose, it is also a good choice to bring all the vertigo nova tweedehands series home.

vertigo nova lampadaire

Versatile Vertigo Nova Leuchte Collection

The slightly warm minimalist style is complemented by lampe vertigo nova. Vertigo nova blanc is slightly lively and elegant suspended in the air, making the living room seem to be covered with a warm yellow veil.

vertigo nova lampe nachbau

Petite friture vertigo nova pendant is artistic. A simple space can be decorated with suspension vertigo nova led, which looks more design and can play the role of finishing touch.

Although the hanglamp vertigo nova replica is a product of modern art and technology, it still works well with the natural log style. Vertigo nova copy has a native sense of nature, reflecting its perception of French romance and beauty.

vertigo nova gebraucht

The much sought-after contemporary decor can also collide with petite friture vertigo nova hanglamp. The built-in LED technology used in the vertigo nova replica is transformed into soft light through technological processing, making you feel comfortable wherever you see it.

hanglamp vertigo nova replica

In some more lively decoration styles, the vertigo nova replica is also not obtrusive. The unique line design of vertigo nova lamp kopie makes it neither obstruct any scenery outside the window nor hide its intentions in subtle corners.

vertigo nova lampe kopie

Best Vertigo Nova Lampa Collection

Lampe vertigo nova swings with the wind and uses engineering mechanics to firmly embed steel, polyurethane, aluminium bases and steel tubes together. Vertigo nova replica allows you to buy with confidence without worrying about security issues.

vertigo nova tweedehands

Vertigo nova replica takes you to a taste of French romance without the need for dazzling designs. Just the simplest lines, the most original color matching, let you experience the magic of vertigo nova petite friture art. You can easily move Paris into your exclusive space without leaving home, and let vertigo nova nachbau open your exquisite new life.

vertigo nova lampa

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