Lámpara de techo de madera

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Wood Ceiling light

The easiest of design can bring high style to any type of space, specifically when essential products are at its core. The little wood LED ceiling light captivates with its sophistication as well as naturalness. The slim, Cylinder and Dice light is made from oak timber and also delicately lights up the area in a warm white colour with its changeable LED light bulb. It is excellent for the targeted illumination of locations, e.g. over kitchen counters, in the bedroom, living room or hall. Its easy style as well as natural look make the timber LED ceiling light right into a light that can be made use of anywhere, in many different interiors, whether it is set up individually or in a group of lights.

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Wood Ceiling lamp Dimension

  • Dimension: Dia 9.5 centimeters x H 10cm/ ∅ 3.74 ″ x H 3.94 ″
  • Lámpara de techo de madera
  • Lámpara de techo de madera Size: Dia 9.5 cm x H 15cm/ ∅ 3.74 ″ x H 5.9 ″

  • Size: Dia 9.5 centimeters x H 20cm/ ∅ 3.74 ″ x H 7.87 ″
  • Lámpara de techo de madera
  • Timber Ceiling light Details
  • Product: Wooden/Metal/Acrylic
  • Fuente de luz: Chip LED
  • Power: 5W Weight: 2kg/4.4 lbs Finishes: Wooden
  • Lámpara de techo de maderaTécnica de control: interruptor interruptor (no regulable) Lámpara de techo de madera
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Timber Ceiling lamp

Lámpara de techo de madera

Lámpara de techo de madera

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