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From the concept of bubble floating airborne born the name of this lamp thanks to the developer Chia-Lee Yang. The thin iron wires support the light yet resistant material of the rounds, inside which integrates the effective LED light as well as the transparency makes the magic ambience that may be improved by various chromes. Random not only translates the randomness of an occasion in a summer season day expresses in its light-heartedness but additionally the joy that intends to be transferred to people to produce their own compositions in a very easy and also fast way thanks to its modularity making it excellent for lighting and also identify essential areas permitting you to add more fun to produce your very own illumination.

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Random pendant light Dimension

  • Dimension: Dia 29cm x W 26cm x H 150cm/ ∅ 11.4 ″ x W 10.2 ″ x H 59 ″
  • 랜덤 펜던트 조명
  • Random pendant light Details
  • 재료 : 강철 / 유리 / 철
  • Light: LED
  • Power: 2W Weight: 4kg/ 8.8 pounds Completes: Chrome Glass End up: Shiny Smoke, Clear, Gold, Rose gold
  • Refine: Plating, Sprucing up, Blown glass
  • 제어 방식 : 스위치 스위치 (조광 불가능)
  • We offer 150cm/ 59 ″ cables, which can be extended as needed.
  • 랜덤 펜던트 조명
랜덤 펜던트 조명

랜덤 펜던트 조명

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