Lampa wisząca na szprychy

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Lampa wisząca na szprychy

Spokes share a sensation of lightweight. Collection of Spokes suspension lights with even more shapes and also shades. As if going across an enchanting as well as geometrical mesh, the light remove from the inside, projecting a kaleidoscope of blocks as well as spaces. The shape of the Spokes suspension lamp recalls a lantern or an aviary. The spokes in steel rod, repainted opaque with epoxy powders, are hooked on the top component to two ABS/ polycarbonate discs and in the lower part to the aluminum module that works as housing.

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Spokes suspension light Size

  • Size: Dia 32cm x H 72cm/ ∅ 12.6 ″ x H 28.4 ″

Lampa wisząca na szprychy Dimension: Dia 52cm x H 53cm/ ∅ 20.5 ″ x H 20.9 ″ Lampa wisząca na szprychy

Lampa wisząca na szprychySize: Dia 62cm x H 42cm/ ∅ 24.4 ″ x H 16.5 ″

Lampa wisząca na szprychy

  • Dimension: Dia 70cm x H 73cm/ ∅ 27.6 ″ x H 28.7 ″
  • Spokes suspension light Details
  • Material: Metal/Steel and Light weight aluminum Light source: LED Chips Power: 2-5W Weight: 5kg/ 11lbs Ends up: Black, White, Copper, Gold
  • Process: Plating, Polishing, Varnished
  • Metoda sterowania: przełącznik wciskany (bez możliwości ściemniania)
  • We offer 200cm/ 78.7 ″ cords, which can be extended as needed.
  • Lampa wisząca na szprychy
Lampa wisząca na szprychy

Lampa wisząca na szprychy

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