Żyrandol z agatu, złoty

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Two Rate, Agate Chandelier, Golden

This is a lavish agate chandelier. The all-natural agate rough is sliced, brightened, perforated and also made. The agate is brightly tinted as well as has a smooth surface. It has strong light transmission and no glare. The light body is made of steel, welding, grinding, electroplating, etc. Two Tier, Agate Light Fixture, Golden is very popular with its unique look layout. The light it emits is cozy as well as comfy. Ideal for living space. You can pick the ideal product according to your requirements.

  • Note: The color and form of the agate are not consistent. For example, the shade of the agate is uneven. There are splits, hollows, and so on, which are natural phenomena of natural agate.
  • Please note: Your repayment does not consist of personalizeds duties, regional taxes or any kind of various other import expenses.
  • If you have any kind of inquiries concerning our items, please call us as well as we will get back to you within 24-hour.

Two Tier, Agate Chandelier, Golden Size

Suspension pole variation dimension:

  • 6heads dimension: Dia 62cm x H 62cm/ ∅ 24.4 ″ x H 24.4 ″
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  • 2 Tier 8heads size: Dia 85cm x H 62cm/ ∅ 33.5 ″ x H 24.4 ″

  • 10heads dimension: Dia 85cm x H 62cm/ ∅ 33.5 ″ x H 24.4 ″
  • Żyrandol z agatu
  • Agate Light fixture 8heads dimension: Dia 100cm x H 62cm/ ∅ 39.4 ″ x H 24.4 ″

  • 8heads size: L 85cm x W 40cm * H 62cm/ ∅ 35.4 ″ x W 15.8 ″ x H 24.4 ″

Hanging chain version size:

  • 5heads size: Dia 50 cm x H 45 cm/ ∅ 19.7 ″ x H 17.7 ″
  • Żyrandol z agatu
  • Żyrandol z agatuDwa poziomy

    “height=”300″/ > 8heads size: Dia 75 cm x H 62 centimeters/ ∅ 29.5 ″ x H 24.4 ″

  • Żyrandol z agatu
  • 10heads size: Dia 75 cm x H 62 cm/ ∅ 29.5 ″ x H 24.4 ″

  • 2 Tier, Agate Chandelier, Golden Information Product: Mteal/Iron/Agate Light: G9 Power: 5W Weight: 4kg/8.8 lbs Ends up: Black Agate color: Orange, Yellow, Blue, Environment-friendly, Pink, Purple, Multicolor. to select from (please consult us for other colors).
  • Color reference as revealed:
  • Żyrandol z agatu
  • Agate Light fixture

    width=”480″height =”110″/ > Process: Plating/Polishing Control technique: button switch( not dimmable)

  • Hanging chain 50cm/ 19.7 inches. The size of the suspension chain can be changed as required. (get in touch with us)
  • GoldenGolden
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Żyrandol z agatu, złoty

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