Ceiling lamp

  • Droplet Ceiling LampDroplet Ceiling Lamp
    £ 296.89

    Droplet Ceiling Lamp Lamp offered in wall and ceiling variations. “Droplet is a ceiling light that looks like a pool of fluid aluminium showing one light stones. It has been created entirely by digital ways as well as freezes in time the act of ripples that go across each other…

  • LED net ceiling/wall lampLED net ceiling/wall lamp
    £ 87.42£ 470.08

    LED web ceiling/wall light A vine-like assembly of energy-efficient LED s arranged along a painted aluminum framework which develops endless adjustable opportunities.Transparent methacrylate lens with satin surface methacrylate lens-holder. Circular as well as line provided as typical arrangements. Direct lighting.Led Web is offered in suspension, ceiling and wall. LED web…

    £ 66.80£ 104.73

    MEMORY CEILING LIGHT FIXTURE The Memory Ceiling Light awakens the creativity as well as recalls a care free childhood years. The impression of an inflated balloon is remarkable, right to the dangling string which changes the light on as well as off. Readily available in three sizes in a range…

  • Mercury CollectionMercury Collection
    £ 428.85

    Mercury Collection Lamp offered in the suspension as well as ceiling variations. “A ceiling component that positions a drifting assembly of huge pebbles below a straightforward contemporary aluminium disc.Design – Ross Lovegrove, 2012. These consequently reflect each various other jumping light between their shown biography – morphic surfaces and mirroring…

  • Serge mouille ceiling lampSerge mouille ceiling lamp
    £ 193.80£ 268.85

    Serge mouille ceiling light Serge Mouille created his angular, insect-like lights as “a reaction to the Italian versions that were beginning to attack the market in 1950,” which he criticized for being “as well complex.” The Three-Arm Ceiling Lamp (1958) is a hanging interpretation of his original Three-Arm Flooring Lamp,…

  • Skydro Ceiling lampSkydro Ceiling lamp
    £ 672.95£ 907.17

    Skydro Ceiling lamp Ceiling lamp, an additional growth of the Hydro collection. A collection of pebbles forms a brilliant sky mirroring the light that jumps on its biomorphic surfaces. The Skydro ceiling light from been designed by Ross Lovegrove 2009. This ceiling installed luminaire is great for indirect halogen illumination.…

  • Wood Ceiling lampWood Ceiling lamp
    £ 35.46£ 45.36

    Wood Ceiling light The easiest of design can bring high style to any type of space, specifically when essential products are at its core. The little wood LED ceiling light captivates with its sophistication as well as naturalness. The slim, Cylinder and Dice light is made from oak timber and…