modern table lamps

  • Perch Light Table lampPerch Light Table lamp
    $ 219.33

    Perch Light Table light Perch Light is a collection of suspension, table, wall surface and also floor lights. With an original layout evocative birds, of deverse size, placed on a branch. A number that shares peacefulness and also serenity. The light discharged by Perch Light is warm and also inviting,…

  • Rabbit Table LampRabbit Table Lamp
    $ 325.80

    Rabbit Table Lamp A wacky enhancement to any type of console or bedside table, our Ceramic Rabbit Light is enriched on a lot of charm. Appropriate lighting can create an atmosphere because place. Decorative lights can likewise make the location evident in the society we are about to reveal. The…

  • Revolve Table LampRevolve Table Lamp
    $ 314.69

    Revolve Table Light Revolve Table Lamp get rid of culture we live in today, with modern lights constructed to last. Each piece will certainly mature and also mature with you; the brass will soften, as well as darken in colour. Any kind of knocks as well as scratches will just…

    $ 459.31

    RIFLESSO TABLE LIGHT Soap bubbles, youth memories. The LED light passes through a glass bubble to refract on a mirror in a video game of continuous rebounds. Glass is not only a diffuser, yet additionally a virtually undetectable intermediary in between the source of light as well as the reflecting…

  • Rituals Table lampRituals Table lamp
    $ 238.39$ 262.24

    Rituals Table light The Routines lamps speak the language of appeal and also poetry. They are made with hand-blown glass noted by thin engravings which recall the art of grinding resulting from knowledgeable craft-based workmanship, in different yet complementing forms. Routines Table lamp series develops intimate light, softened by the…

  • Scantling series - Wall lamp Dia 27cm*H 19.5cmScantling series
    $ 198.66$ 270.18

    Scantling collection A combination of fundamental geometric forms and also making use of wood together with steel offer this range of lamps a comfortable appearance, at the exact same time as a plainly defined character. All of the motions of the completely revolving color usage arms and joints, and its…

  • Serena table lampSerena table lamp
    $ 492.68

    Serena table lamp Inspired by the natural world, by leaves of various form as well as colour that become its lively diffusers, mirroring or allowing the light to pass through. Serena is a light that wants to fit in, it is residential naturally. Table lamp giving indirect and also showed…

  • Stellar CollectionStellar Collection
    $ 459.31

    Excellent Collection Stellar is a collection of special glass lights incorporating diverse vintage glass items with innovative L.E.D light technology. Each light is made up of glass components that have been very carefully picked from second hand stores located around Marina and Iain’s east London workshop. Crystal things are selected…

  • Swing Table LampSwing Table Lamp - Dia 57cm*H 42cm
    $ 300.37

    Swing Table Light Swing white desk lamp is Style 1983 – Minimalist as well as trendy white table light with movable arm, in excellent vintage condition. A desk light included a cylindrical substantial steel base from where a steel arm prolongs angled right into the air, holding a slightly rounded…

  • Taccia Table LampTaccia Table Lamp
    $ 278.12$ 524.47

    Taccia Table Lamp The Castiglioni brothers usually developed styles that tested our viewpoint, and the Taccia, which provides the illusion of a bottom-side-up dangling lamp, is a passionate example of that. This new, smaller sized variation is around half the dimension of the original layout developed in1962. It has actually…

  • Tripla Lamp seriesTripla Lamp series
    $ 187.55$ 1,458.98

    Tripla Lamp series The designer Jordi Vilardell developed the Puck Wall Art lights as an addition to the Puck illumination collection, allowing customised illumination structures to be developed based on the same official suggestion. The Puck Wall surface Art light combines two circular wall lights of various sizes which are…