Agnes Chandelier

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Agnes Chandelier

Originally conceived as a candlestick, Agnes takes its ideas from the fictional heroine of the very same name, a worker on the planet’s oldest occupation throughout the 1849 The Golden State Gold Thrill. The modular system would enable Agnes very easy arrangement in her makeshift “work space.” In this version, glowing glass tubes change the candles. Verbalized joints enable the glass to be arranged in a plethora of means. Agnes Light fixture is incredibly popular with its unique look design. The light it releases is cozy and also comfortable. Ideal for bed room as well as living-room. You can choose the best item according to your requirements.
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Agnes Chandelier Size

  • 6 heads Size: Dia 107 centimeters x H 88 centimeters/ Φ 42.1 in x H 34.6 in
  • Agnes Chandelier
  • Agnes Light fixture 10 heads Size: Dia 169 cm x H 116 cm/ Φ 66.5 in x H 45.7 in

  • 12 heads A Size: Dia 65 centimeters x H 65cm/ Φ 25.6 in x H 25.6 in
  • Agnes Chandelier
  • Agnes Light fixture

    12 heads B Dimension: Dia 70 cm x H 116 centimeters/ Φ 27.6 in x H 45.7 in
  • 14 heads Size: Dia 204 cm x H 112 centimeters/ Φ 80.3 in x H 44.1 in
  • Agnes Chandelier
  • Agnes Chandelier

    20 heads A Size: Dia 200 cm x H 166 centimeters/ Φ 78.7 in x H 65.4 in
  • 20 heads B Dimension: Dia 89 centimeters x H 320 cm/ Φ 35 in x H 126 in
  • Agnes Chandelier
  • Agnes Light fixture >

  • Agnes Chandelier
  • 24heads Size: Dia 162 cm x H 95 cm/ Φ 63.8 in

    x H 37.4 in
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    • =”300″height
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    • 300″/ >
    • Agnes Chandelier Details
    • Product: Metal/Glass
    • Light source: G9 Power: Max 5W Weight:6 kg/ 13.2 pounds
    • Finishes: Black, Gold Glass color: White Control method: button switch (not dimmable) We have 2 boom lengths for you: 20/30cm (7.9 ″/ 11.8 ″), extendable upon demand.
    • Agnes Chandelier

Agnes Chandelier - 1head

Agnes Chandelier

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