• Aplomb Concrete Pendant LampAplomb Concrete Pendant Lamp
    $ 117.61$ 441.84

    Aplomb Concrete Pendant Lamp The Aplomb pendant light from KiKi Lights is made in 2010 by an Italian style studio Lucidi & & Pevere. The lamp is made of concrete which is an important part of the contemporary style. Aplomb utilizes this product in a cutting-edge sort of means. Hang…

  • Aplomb Pendant LargeAplomb Pendant Large
    $ 152.57$ 254.29

    Aplomb Pendant Huge The Aplomb pendant light from KiKi Lighting is made in 2010 by an Italian style studio Lucidi & & Pevere. The light is made of concrete which is a fundamental part of the contemporary design. Aplomb uses this product in an innovative type of means. Hang the…

  • Arborescence series lampsArborescence series lamps
    $ 363.95

    Arborescence series lamps The fashionable and minimalist Arborescence series has table light floor lights as well as chandeliers. The stylish and also minimal Arborescence includes a white cloth hood, satin or refined brass coating. There are 3 sizes to pick from. Table light, the material of the lamp body is…

  • Arc globe pendant lightArc globe pendant light
    $ 157.33$ 222.50

    Arc globe pendant light This pendant is designed with a focus on simpleness, emphasizing the premium quality of the product and also the balance of the kind. The meticulously shaped arc of the bent brass, hand-turned American wood top and hand-blown glass world serve both an aesthetic as well as…

  • Arc Well SconceArc Well Sconce
    $ 220.91$ 247.93

    Arc Well Sconce Arc Well Sconce is a piece of timeless art work. It is featuring a building style. A place bulb shoots light right into a sandblasted glass dome, the fixture develops a cozy glow inside the glass. This modern-day wall surface light arcs onward, elegantly balancing a frozen…

  • Artist Pendant LampArtist Pendant Lamp
    $ 198.66$ 357.59

    Musician Necklace Light With its timeless design as well as easy shape, ARTIST is a gorgeous candidate for a future classic. As the name suggests, Musician is modeled on the globe of songs– influenced by a drum kit cymbal. Layout by Bønnelycke MDD. The Musician Pendant has a gorgeous ageless…

  • Atollo Metal Table LampAtollo Metal Table Lamp
    $ 230.45$ 403.69

    Atollo Steel Table Light The geometric shapes that compose it– the cyndrical tube, the cone and also the hemisphere– have given birth to a decorative and necessary item at the exact same time, removed from the historic duration by the styles of the moment as well as has actually now…

  • Atomium chandelierAtomium chandelier
    $ 267.01$ 584.88

    Atomium chandelier The atomium collection incorporates the directness of revealed, spherical light bulbs with the abundant materiality of brass. Concentrated, geometric make-ups contain these two attributes, stabilizing line, surface area, and also luminescent factors. The outcome is a collection of lights based in the reflectivity of brass– lights that are…

  • Aura ChandelierAura Chandelier
    $ 468.84$ 961.54

    Aura Light fixture As the name suggests, this contemporary chandelier bids its very own atmosphere, invoking calmness as well as poise – accomplishing simpleness via complex style. With a range of brightened and also cleaned finishes available, the exactly curled rings encase the LED light setup, stabilizing both interior as…

  • Ay illuminate pendant lightAy illuminate pendant light
    $ 282.90$ 419.58

      Ay illuminate pendant light   The bamboo pendant lamp with cotton cover by Ay Illuminate is perfect to enhance big space, restaurants or bars. It ´ s distinct look is perfect to produce a particular and relaxing atmosphere that you can delight in throughout the year. Please note: Your…

  • Bai Chandelier seriesBai Chandelier series
    $ 238.39$ 1,430.39

    Bai Chandelier collection Fusing custom, function, and memory, the BAI family shows the rich millenarian culture and will interest homeowners as well as layout specialists who value good design and high quality craftsmanship. BAI is a family of 3 hanging lamps of different sizes and shapes. The smallest size can…

  • Balloon table lampBalloon table lamp
    $ 373.49$ 516.52

    Balloon table light Balloons, the collection of elements that are elementary and also timeless at the very same time, reminiscent of hot air balloons, captivate because of the elegance of the hand-blown glass in the large extensive format as well as additionally with the floating reflector in the inside. This…

  • Bamboo Pendant lightBamboo Pendant light
    $ 83.44$ 379.85


  • BANG Concrete pendant lampBANG Concrete pendant lamp
    $ 200.26

    BANG Concrete pendant light The ceramic waste is regenerated right into a basic kind of day-to-day furniture, as well as it is gone back to using the mass level in the form of an acquired market. Foshan, China, has the world’s largest as well as most mature ceramic industry chain…

  • Bau LampBau Lamp
    $ 445.01$ 492.68

      Bau Light   Bau is a sculptural dangling light developed by Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt, who has integrated structure as well as geometric shapes in an unique as well as creative layout. Bau is an attractive lamp that matches both minimalistic interiors as well as more bold residences. The style…

  • Beat Pendant Light - Wall lamp Dia 20cm*H40cmBeat Pendant Light
    $ 141.44$ 333.76

    Beat Necklace Light A strong combed brass variation of the famous initial Beat Light. Without a contrasting exterior finish, Beat is left in its purest kind– a cozy gold brass both throughout. The ordinary brass outside is then cleaned to accomplish a matt surface area and also do with a…