Noctambule Suspension Light

Another introducing lights layout in the range of lamps and lighting fixtures recognized for, Noctambule LED dimmable pendant light with high cyndrical tubes is among designer Konstantin Grcic’s finest developments. Versatile to any kind of interior area, this vibrant component can be configured as a pendant lamp or standing light utilizing the added components offered with the product. Inspired by night owls, Noctambule by Konstantin Grcic includes a clear body that nearly blends right into a space when unlit however makes its presence known when it illuminates in the evening. Available in a selection of unique and unique style options, the Noctambule pendant light comes with a cylindrical body (at a reduced or high height) that can be incorporated with a dome- or cone-shaped head in situation you need a more straight illumination source. Its lowering abilities can be managed from the power unit with the ceiling climbed or the pedal-operated panel in the power cord.

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Noctambule Suspension Light Dimension

Noctambule Short Cyndrical rör

  • Size: Dia 18cm x H 100cm/ ∅ 7.1 ″ x H 39.4 ″
  • Size: Dia 18cm x H 134cm/ ∅ 7.1 ″ x H 52.8 ″
  • Dimension: Dia 18cm x H 168cm/ ∅ 7.1 ″ x H 66 ″
  • Size: Dia 18cm x H 210cm/ ∅ 7.1 ″ x H 82.7 ″

Noctambule golvlampa

Noctambule Cone Color Size: Dia 28cm x H 56cm/ ∅ 11″ x H 22 ″

  • Dimension: Dia 28cm x H 90cm/ ∅ 11 ″ x H 35.4 ″
  • Size: Dia 28cm x H 124cm/ ∅ 11 ″ x H 48.8 ″
  • Dimension: Dia 28cm x H 157cm/ ∅ 11 ″ x H 61.8 ″ Noctambule Dish Shade Size: Dia 40cm x H 52cm/ ∅ 15.8 ″ x H 20.5 ″ Dimension: Dia 40cm x H 86cm/ ∅ 15.8 ″
  • x H 33.9 ″ Size: Dia 40cm x H 119cm/ ∅ 15.8 ″ x H 46.8 ″ Dimension: Dia 40cm x H 153cm/ ∅ 15.8 ″ x H 60.2 ″ Noctambule golvlampa
  • Noctambule Suspension Light Information Material: Blåst kristall, Gjuten lätt aluminium, Stål Light: LED,

    Effekt: 10W Vikt: 5kg / 11lbs

      • Slutar: Transparent, svart process: Sprucing up

      • , Lack,

    Blåst kristall

    • Kontrollmetod: växla
    • knapp (ej dimbar)
    • We provide 200cm/ 78.7 ″ cords, which can be extendedas needed. 

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Noctambule Suspension Light

Noctambule Suspension Light

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