Taraxacum Suspension light

Make a dream: Named after the modest Dandelion, the Taraxacum pendant light amazes with a beautifully diffused blooming light. The white powder-coated inner steel structure is splashed with a distinct cocoon resin to produce its sensational diffuser, which is finished with a transparent spray for protection. Inspiration behind the design: The Castiglioni siblings were recognized for their capacity to make us look in different ways at the globe around us, and the Taraxacum is an additional example of their deft skill. Right here, the dandelion– a standard yard weed– is recreated as a point of true elegance. As practical as it is stunning, the Taraxacum will certainly change the way we look at this modest plant.

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Taraxacum Suspension lamp Dimension

    • Dimension: Dia 68cm x H 50cm/ ∅ 26.8 ″ x H 19.7 ″
    • Taraxacum upphängningslampa

Taraxacum upphängningslampa

    • Taraxacum upphängningslampa

Dimension: Dia 87cm xH 64cm/∅ 33.9 ″ x H 25.2 ″

  • Taraxacum upphängningslampa
  • Information
  • Material: Cocoon, Steel,
  • Ljuskälla: E27
  • Power: 40W Weight: 4kg/ 8.8 pounds Finishes: White Refine: Polishing, Varnished, Handmade
  • Kontrolltillvägagångssätt: brytare (ej dimbar)
  • We supply 200cm/ 78.7 ″ cords, which can be extended as required.
  • Taraxacum upphängningslampa

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Taraxacum upphängningslampa

Taraxacum upphängningslampa

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