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Parentesi Lamp

Bring a sense of modernity to the space.

Taccia Table Lamp

Create a warm atmosphere for your home.

Atollo Table Lamp

Classic design that never goes out of style

Aim Pendant Lamp

Improve the interior of different spaces.

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Parentesi Lamp was created by design master Achille Castiglioni with a simple and elegant appearance. The biggest highlight of Parentesi Lamp is the steel pipe that slides on the ceiling-to-floor steel cable to move vertically. It is suitable for use in the living room or bedroom.


Classic design, Never out of date!

Poul Henningsen was a pioneer of lighting design. He was one of the first to recognize the importance of the shaping of ph 5 lamp, and in 1958, as a follow-up to his three-shade system from 1926, he designed the ph 5 pendant light. 

The light of the PH5 pendant lamp is designed through a three-layer lampshade, which can achieve non-glare lighting and can enhance the experience of using your space. This advanced lamp can make your home warm.


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