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Ziel Pendelleuchte

  Aim ceiling light is created by the Bouroullec brothers in 2010, it is a design stripped to its most basic—and beautiful—essence. The cable can be adjusted to allow the fixture head and light distribution to be aimed in whatever way you choose. Get it and hang it up, don’t forget to light it up, you will see the warm and comfortable light which can create a relaxing atmosphere for you it emits. And you can choose 2 colors of our product, such as black and white. There are 2 sizes that you can choose too. You can choose the right product according to your needs. You can buy this beautiful lamp on website at a cost-effective price. Here are some nice websites for you.

Aim pendant light Size

  • Size: Dia 18cm x H 15cm/ ∅ 7 ″ x H 5.9 ″
  • Size: Dia 24.5 cm x H 18cm/ ∅ 10 ″ x H 7 ″

Ziel Pendelleuchte Einzelheiten

  • Material: Aluminum/Acrylic
  • Lichtquelle: LED-Chip
  • Leistung: 10W
  • Gewicht: 3 kg
  • Oberflächen: Schwarz / Weiß
  • Prozess: Farbe kochen
  • Wir bieten 500 cm lange Kabel an. Kann auf Anfrage verlängert werden
  • Ziel PendelleuchteZiel Pendelleuchte
Ziel Pendelleuchte

Ziel Pendelleuchte

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