Lámpara de pared / techo de red LED

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LED web ceiling/wall light

A vine-like assembly of energy-efficient LED s arranged along a painted aluminum framework which develops endless adjustable opportunities.Transparent methacrylate lens with satin surface methacrylate lens-holder. Circular as well as line provided as typical arrangements. Direct lighting.Led Web is offered in suspension, ceiling and wall. LED web ceiling/wall lamp is popular with its unique appearance style. The light it sends out is cozy and comfy. Ideal for room as well as living-room. You can select the right item according to your demands.

  • If you require a Led Internet suspension version, please contact us.
  • This collection is offered in two light body shades: black and also white.
  • Assistance personalization.
  • Please note: Your settlement does not consist of customs responsibilities, regional taxes or any type of other import expenses.
  • If you have any questions concerning our products, please contact us and we will return to you within 24 hours.

LED web ceiling/wall lamp Size

Long dimension:

  • 7heads size: L 48cm x W 24.5 cm/L 18.9 x W 9.7
  • 10heads size: L 62cm x W 24.5 cm/L 24.4 x W 9.7
  • 13heads dimension: L 72cm x W 24.5 cm/L 28.4 x W 9.7
  • 19heads size: L 108cm x W 24.5 cm/L 42.5 x W 9.7
  • 25heads dimension: L 140cm x W 24.5 cm/L 55.1 x W 9.7
  • 31heads size: L 175cm x W 24.5 cm/L 68.9 x W 9.7
  • 37heads size: L 205cm x W 24.5 cm/L 80.7 x W 9.7
  • 37heads S size: L 160cm x W 70cm/L 63 x W 27.6

Round size:

  • 9heads dimension: Dia 39cm x H 10cm/ 15.4 x H 3.94
  • 12heads size: Dia 48cm x H 10cm/ 18.9 x H 3.94
  • 15heads size: Dia 52cm x H 10cm/ 20.5 x H 3.94
  • 18heads dimension: Dia 55cm x H 10cm/ 21.7 x H 3.94
  • 24heads size: Dia 66cm x H 10cm/ 26.0 x H 3.94
  • 30heads size: Dia 78cm x H 10cm/ 30.7 x H 3.94
  • 36heads dimension: Dia 90cm x H 10cm/ 35.4 x H 3.94
  • 54heads dimension: Dia 90cm x H 10cm/ 35.4 x H 3.94
  • Lámpara de pared / techo de red LEDLED web ceiling/wall light

LED net ceiling/wall light Details

  • Product: Metal/Aluminum alloy/Acrylic
  • Luz: chip LED
  • Power: Max 2W (Single)
  • Peso: 3 kg / 6,6 libras
  • Ends up: Black, White (Readily Available)
  • Técnica de control: interruptor de botón (no regulable)
  • We supply 150cm/ 59 wires. Can be prolonged upon demand
  • Lámpara de pared / techo de red LED
Lámpara de pared / techo de red LED

Lámpara de pared / techo de red LED

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