Buying Guide for Table Lamps in 2022

Are you looking for high-quality table lamps? Table lamps are playing an increasingly important role in modern life. The desk lamp is not only easy to install and easy to move, but also can provide practical lighting for daily work and life. Browse our table lamp buying guide to help you buy a best table lamp.

How to choose the size of table lamp

Before choosing a table lamp, measure the size of the room and the size of the table where the lamp is placed. Larger tables and lamps will overwhelm smaller rooms. Don't put a larger table lamp on a smaller table - it will look completely out of proportion. The height of table lamp should be 1.25 times the height of the table on which it is located.

How to choose the color of table lamp

You can use the color of the lampshade or the color of the space design, which can bring a comfortable atmosphere to the room. But remember: when you decide to use a color, make sure it matches the color scheme of your design.

How to choose the style of table lamp

Table lamps come in different styles and shapes. You must choose the one that matches the overall appearance of the space. If you have a Industrial style living room, please choose a table lamp that is also Industrial style. If your living room is avant-garde but minimalist, choose a simple modern table lamp that complements the surrounding environment.

Where can the table lamp be placed

Living room table lamp

The exquisite living room table lamp can make your guests notice it at a glance. When it is placed on the table, it is like a delicate artwork. When you light it up, the soft light will make you like this comfortable feeling. Whether you are relaxing with your family or entertaining guests, table lamps can add warmth to the living room.

Atollo Metal Table Lamp is made of high-quality metal materials, available in three sizes and different finishes. The geometric shapes composed of cylinders, cones and hemispheres can better express the beauty of metal.

Kartell Bourgie Table Lamp is a classic table lamp with modernist design style. It is the embodiment of the combination of Baroque and Italian style. The transparent striped glass lampshade and the exquisite table lamp base are like an elegant work of art.

Cesta Table lamp can be easily picked up and carried, and it is very suitable for placing on the table and floor. The opal glass lampshade is supported by a beautiful cherry wood structure and is a very delicate table lamp.

The Taccia Table Lamp has a unique design, and the lampshade gives the illusion of hanging upside down. The aluminum reflector is bright white on the inside and matte white on the outside. The diffuser is transparent blown glass that can change direction.

Bedroom table lamp

The choice of bedroom bedside counter lamps is generally based on warm light. Whether you like to read or watch TV before going to bed at night, bedside table lights are essential to illuminate your bedtime activities. The convenience of the bedside table lamp allows you to easily turn it on and off without getting up.

The IC Lights Table Lamp consists of a thin steel base, which can be twisted and bent at a certain angle. A blown glass opal sphere is delicately balanced, and when you light it up, it looks like a beautiful night pearl. It has three designs to choose from.

Leimu Glass Table Lamp is a beautiful table lamp that combines cement and glass in a charming way. The warm light emitted by the Leimu Glass Table Lamp can create a warm atmosphere in any room, and the blown colored glass makes each lamp unique.

Marble table lamp combines modern minimalist lines with luxurious materials. The opal ball is designed with a solid marble base and a global glass lampshade, adding a touch of fashion. It is an ideal choice for living room and bedroom.

The Copper Table Lamp is a creative and romantic design. The metal base made of high-quality copper supports the opal bulb. The brightness of the light scattered by the bulb is soft and not dazzling, creating a warm atmosphere.

Copper Table Lamp

Study room table lamp

The study is generally a place for work or reading. The soft and warm light emitted by the desk lamp can create a peaceful atmosphere and can also provide you with enough lighting. Compared with the unique design of the table lamp in the living room, the most important thing for the table lamp in the study is the comfort of the light.

PH Table Lamp is famous for its innovative non-glare shape and uniform lighting. The unique finish and eye-catching appearance are loved by people. Both in appearance and in lighting applications are extremely innovative. There are two sizes and three finishes to choose from.

Ellen Table Lamp uses a dome lampshade, thin metal rods and a round base to create a mushroom shape. The light is emitted through the lampshade, which can be well collected downwards to create a comfortable atmosphere. It is available in black and white finishes.

The Tripod Table Lamp is exquisitely designed and fashionable. It is made of high-quality metal materials, and the lampshade and triangle base form a uniform color. The light it emits is very soft, which can create a comfortable reading or working environment for you.

Tripod Table Lamp Birdy table lamp is a modernist style design. By adjusting the angle of the pole and the lampshade, you can adjust the range of light divergence at any time. There are different colors of poles and shades to choose from.

Birdy table lamp

Best table lamp Kartell Battery LED Table Lamp is a combination of classic Baroque style and rechargeable LED light source, elegant and innovative. The light radiates through the lampshade, which can create beautiful shadows and make people shine.

Gatto Table Lamp can be placed on any table gently, emitting a diffuse light. The warm light emitted through the lampshade creates a warm feeling and enhances the mood of the room. It is very suitable for bedrooms and living rooms.

The special feature of the Fun Collection Table Lamp design is the two-ring or three-ring frame, with the white shell plate hanging in the air, like a wind chime. When you place it in the living room, it looks like a delicate artwork, which is particularly eye-catching.

Fun Collection Table Lamp Oda table lamp uses hand-blown glass, available in transparent, gray, amber, and light blue. The base is semi-circular tube powder coated or chrome plated. It is an ideal choice for living room and bedroom.

Oda table lamp

The above is the buying guide for you to buy a table lamp. If you have other questions about table lamps or other products, you can contact us by email. Hope you can buy the table lamps you want.

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