Hoe kiest u de beste wandlamp?

Wall lamps are generally auxiliary lighting tools and are not used as the main light source. It is usually installed on the wall of the bed, entrance hall, corridor. The main function is to embellish and adjust the atmosphere. In fact, there are many different types of wall lamps. Different types of wall lamps have different characteristics. Next, I will introduce the classification of wall lamps and how to choose a good wall lamp.

Types of wall lamps

1.Crystal wall lamp

The brilliant and gorgeous appearance of the crystal wall lamp gives people a grand and gorgeous feeling. The crystal wall lamp can add a bit of aura to the monotonous and plain space. Using crystal wall lamps as wall lamps for living room can increase the luxury of the living room. The crystal wall lamp is exquisite in shape, the light emitted is very dazzling, and the light effect presented is relatively soft. Usually crystal wall lamps appear in light and luxurious decoration styles, which can be matched with European simple style, European retro style, Mediterranean style and other styles.

Ice crystal wall lamp

II Pezzo 3 Wall Sconce

2.Modern minimalist wall lamp

Modern minimalist wall lamps have smooth lines, mostly geometric shapes, often with metal, glass and other elements. The colors are mostly black, white, and gold. They are fashionable and versatile, and are suitable for matching with various styles of home decoration. This series of lamps is very suitable for use as a wall lamp bedroom.No matter which space the modern wall lamp is installed in, bedroom, living room, corridor, it can play a very good decorative effect.

GRISK Luxe Wall Lamp

IC Lights Wall

Pearl wall lamp

3.Pastoral wall lamp

The garden wall lamp is suitable for corridors, aisles, balconies, residential gate walls and building walls, etc. Pastoral wall lamps generally have metallic elements, which have a black, metallic appearance, or a combination of glass and metal. The pastoral wall lamp is concise and has a retro feel. The pastoral chandelier is installed in the corridor, as if walking in the palace.

Vintage Outdoor Wall Lamp

4.Industrial wall lamp

The appearance of the industrial wall lamp is very simple, and the material is mostly metal. Most of the colors are black, white and gray. One feature of industrial wall lamp modern is that they have adjustable arms. Can provide you with lighting from many directions. If you install an industrial wall lamp in your work area, the industrial wall lamp will definitely create a good working atmosphere for you.

Lampe Gras Wall light

Serge Mouille Wall Sconce

Aj wall lamp

How to choose wall lamps in different areas?

1.Dining room wall lamp selection skills

The wall lamp in the dining room is more suitable to choose glass, plastic or metal with a smooth appearance. The wall lamp of this material is more convenient to clean. It is not suitable to use woven or yarn fabric lampshades or wall lamps with complicated shapes and pendants.

The light source should be a warm color lamp or an incandescent lamp, and the light should be mainly in warm tones. If a number of wall lamps with warm colors are properly arranged on the nearby wall, it will make the atmosphere of banquet guests more warm and increase appetite.

2.Bedroom wall lamp selection skills

The light of the bedroom wall lamp should be soft and warm. The wall lamp should use the diffuser material lampshade with low surface brightness. Above the bed, install an elegant and warm glass wall lamp to create a simple, elegant and comfortable atmosphere. If it is a double bed, you can also install a wall lamp with a dimmer switch on both sides of the bed. Even if one of them reads books and newspapers, the other will not be disturbed by light.

3.living room wall lamp selection skills

Because the main light in the living room has been placed in the most important position of the living room, if you choose a wall lamp, it is recommended to choose a relatively simple and low-key style, which can make the living room appear bright and generous, and avoid the situation where the wall lamp is overwhelming.

If the ceiling height of the living room is low and ceiling lamps are used, then a wall lamp with a special style can be used to increase the brightness and make the living room more fashionable. If it is a ceiling lamp and floor lamp indoor match, the floor lamp is placed next to the sofa, and a decorative craft table lamp is placed on the side table of the sofa. If a lower wall lamp is placed on the nearby wall, the effect will be better.

Tips for buying wall lamps

1. Pay attention to the quality of the wall lamp‘s lampshade

When buying a wall lamp, first look at the quality of the wall lamp itself. The lampshade of the wall lamp is usually made of glass, and the pattern and color on the surface of the wall lamp should correspond to the overall style of the room. The bracket of the wall lamp is generally made of metal. The lampshade of the wall lamp mainly depends on whether the light transmittance is good, whether the metal corrosion resistance is good, whether the color and luster of the wall lamp are bright and full, these are important indicators for checking the quality.

2. The brightness of the wall lamp

Generally speaking, you should choose a wall lamp with soft lighting, and the wattage should be less than 60 watts. If the installation space is large, choose a double-headed wall lamp. If the space is large, you can choose a thicker and larger wall lamp. If the space for installing the wall lamp is small, choose a thinner wall lamp.

The last thing to note is that it is best to choose a wall lamp with a protective cover for the bulb. In addition, different types of wall lamps should be selected according to the needs of the installation. For example, if the room is small, use a single-head wall lamp. This can prevent the wallpaper from igniting and causing danger.



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