Taccia 테이블 램프

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Taccia 테이블 램프

The Castiglioni brothers usually developed styles that tested our viewpoint, and the Taccia, which provides the illusion of a bottom-side-up dangling lamp, is a passionate example of that. This new, smaller sized variation is around half the dimension of the original layout developed in1962. It has actually a repainted light weight aluminum reflector that is gloss white on the within and also matte white on the outside. The diffuser is transparent blown glass and can alter instructions. The body is offered in matte black or naturally plated extruded light weight aluminum. The base is nickel-plated ABDOMINAL and PC (polycarbonate). Inspiration the style: Their commercial backgrounds are evident in this style, a shining instance of the method Achille and also Pier Giacomo Castiglioni applied a minimalist strategy to refurbishing everyday items.

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Taccia Table Light Size

  • Size: Dia 37.3 centimeters x H 48.5 centimeters/ ∅ 14.7 ″ x H 19.1 ″

Taccia 테이블 램프

Size: Dia 49.5 cm x H 64.5 centimeters/ ∅ 19.5 ″ x H 25.4 ″ Taccia 테이블 램프

    Taccia Table Lamp Information And Facts Material: Aluminum, Glass, ABS, and COMPUTER (polycarbonate)
  • 광원 : E27
  • 전원 : 40W
  • 무게 : 3kg / 6.6 파운드
  • Completes: Black, Silver, Bronze
  • Process: Plating, brightening, blown glass
  • 제어 방법 : 푸시 버튼 스위치 (조광 불가)
  • We provide 150cm/ 59 ″ cables with switch outlets, which can be extended as needed.
  • Taccia 테이블 램프
Taccia 테이블 램프

Taccia 테이블 램프

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