Are you looking for a crystal lamp to decorate your room? I would recommend caboche light for you. The stylish shape of the caboche lampe has always been loved by everyone. Please follow this blog to appreciate the charm of caboche lamp.

Best Caboche Lamp

In order to meet the different needs of everyone, caboche series hava launched table lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps and pendant lamps. So how should we choose the lampara caboche that suits us best? Let's take a look at the different collocation methods of different lamp caboche.

Caboche Table Lamp

If you have children in your family, it is a good choice to add a caboche led table lamp to his room. Caboche lampe looks like a well-designed toy bauble with its captivating exterior. At the same time, the warm light of caboche table lamp can create a warm atmosphere for children.

The safety of the caboche lamp is very high. The caboche lamp is made of polymethyl methacrylate, which is strong and durable. So you can use the caboche table lamp with confidence, it will never be damaged due to a slight collision.

If you want to add a touch of luxury to your room, a caboche table light is a good choice. Lampadario caboche still a decoration in addition to being an outstanding lamp. When the caboche led table lamp is matched with the red velvet background and bed, the whole room looks high-end instantly.

Caboche Pendant

The design of the caboche lampa is ingenious. The lampshade of caboche lampara is composed of many transparent spheres and looks elegant. Currently, caboche pendant has launched two colors, golden and transparent.

Caboche Pendant - Golde

The gorgeous gold color adds a luxurious touch to the caboche pendant light. When the caboche pendant lamp hangs in your living room, it looks like a crystal bracelet from a distance. The beautiful appearance of golde caboche plus lamp can embellish your living room very well.

The exquisite design of caboche plus lamp can bring people a different visual experience. When the caboche pendel is lit, it becomes sparkly. No matter where the caboche pendelleuchte hangs, it is so eye-catching.

If you have a glass room with an open view, it is very suitable to match a lampe caboche. During the day, under the sunlight, the crystal particles on the caboche suspension lamp sparkle. At night, when you light up the caboche lamp, against the backdrop of the night, it looks like a nebula formed by the gathering of countless stars.

Suspension Caboche -Transparent

The lampshade of caboche suspension has a perfect design. The small transparent glass balls on the lampshade can well reflect the light from the caboche hanglamp, providing soft diffused light. So that the lighting effect of the caboche chandelier is better.

The eye-catching appearance of caboche plus pendant is very suitable for hanging in commercial places, such as restaurants, hotels, etc. The fashionable appearance of caboche plus media pendel can become more beautiful to the whole venue. If you want to add style to your dining room, consider hanging a few caboche plus media leds.

Caboche Floor Lamp

Caboche floor light has a very chic design. Unlike ordinary floor lamps, the caboche floor lamp has a three-legged floor stand. The stable bracket structure prevents the caboche grande terra floor lamp from being easily pushed and is safe to use.

Caboche Wall Lamp

The caboche wall light has a surprising detail design. When you light up the caboche lamp, it not only provides you with light, but also casts a beautiful shadow on the wall. The gentle light emitted by the caboche lamp can create a romantic atmosphere for your home.

Thank you for reading this article, the above represents a full introduction to the caboche lamp. If you are interested in caboche light, please click the link to enter our website to purchase.