Do you know that the light fixtures not only affects the light in the room, but also the aesthetics of the entire room. Therefore, choosing lamp is an extremely important thing. The parentesi has a removable light head and dimmable function. It will provide quality lighting for your home. So, I recommend to you the versatile parentesi light .

Best Parentesi

parentesi suspension lamp is the work of Italian designers in 1971. The parentesi lamp is made up of steel cables that look like a curly brace. The parentesi hanglamp won the Golden Compass Award in 1979 for its unique shape design.


Nickel-plated profiled tubes on parentesi lamp steel cables are available in a variety of colours, such as black, red and white. A parentesi pendel in any color is the perfect addition to your home. Next, enjoy the beautiful parentesi together!

parentesi lamp

Parentesi Lamp - Black

Parentesi lampa consists of steel cables, wires and nickel-plated profiled tubes. Achille castiglioni parentesi lamp has a very individual design with exposed bulbs. The parentesi vloerlamp comes with design elements such as metal and plastic. It can be seen that parentesi is a model of early industrial lighting.

 lamp parentesi

The black lamp parentesi is very versatile. You can decorate your bedroom with parentesi lampe . The two heads parentesi stehlampe has two bulbs, mounted at different locations on the steel cable. Parentesi is suitable for rooms with high ceilings.


When you use parentesi lamp alone, it can give you amazing effect. In addition to this, you can also use parentesi in combination. The three heads of the castiglioni parentesi are all in different directions and in different positions, they look even more spectacular. The lited parentesi emits a wonderful glow and makes your bedroom even more beautiful.

parentesi light

Parentesi - Red

The parentesi floor lamp is very adaptable, it is the perfect light fixture in any type of interior! The red parentesi lampada stands out in your living room. You will be impressed when you see the red parentesi suspension lamp in the living room.

Parentesi leuchte is available in dimmable and non-dimmable versions. You can choose the right version of the lamp according to your needs. Lampe parentesi has an adjustable lamp head that slides along a steel cable. You can change the light direction of the parentesi lampa by changing the lamp head. The lited parentesi can illuminate your stairs and sofa at the same time, creating a comfortable home atmosphere for you.

parentesi floor lamp

Lamp Parentesi - White

Unlike bulky industrial style lamps, parentesi is slim and light. The white parentesi lampe looks very elegant. When you use a white parentesi light in a cool-toned bedroom, the whole scene looks very comfortable.

parentesi lampa

The parentesi connects the ceiling to the floor with a vertical steel cable. Lampe parentesi is also equipped with a small cylindrical base, which can be securely mounted on the floor. People often use lampe parentesi as a ceiling or floor lamp. The fully functional parentesi is undoubtedly an excellent lighting design.

lampe parentesi

Parentesi - Nickel Plated

Nickel plated parentesi lampe is very distinctive and gives you a novel feel. The nickel plated parentesi lamp blends perfectly into a natural style bedroom. A lited parentesi floor lamp casts a soft light that will make your greenery look beautiful.

 parentesi lampe

Parentesi - Orange Signal

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the parentesi , two special editions in orange signal and turquoise were launched in 2021. The anniversary edition lamp parentesi is packaged in recycled plastic, inspired by eco-friendly designs from the 1970s. Lampara parentesi in orange signal looks playful and exudes a charming charm.

parentesi leuchte

Parentesi Light - Turquoise

In homage to designer Achille Castiglioni, who loved the turquoise colour, the parentesi pendelleuchte in turquoise was launched. The achille castiglioni lampe in turquoise looks very fresh and is very popular at the moment. If you use turquoise parentesi in your home, it can become the visual focal point of your home.

 lampe parentesi

After reading the introduction about parentesi , I believe you will be interested in it. If you have any questions about parentesi , please feel free to contact us.